Hear from our Delegates

Since 2014, the program has hosted more than 8 weeklong trips to Palestine and hosted more than 300 graduate students. Missions have varied in purpose, focusing on various topics from religion to the economy. 

What has not varied is the lasting impression the missions have left on participants of all backgrounds. Participant Taek Kim wrote, “My heart was touched, my mind was transformed, and my faith and courage strengthened.” Find below other participants’ stories.

Hear from our delegates

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Kim Iverson

Media Broadcaster

“It’s has been a very eye opening experience to see how the Palestinian people are living uder occupation and the challenges the Palestinian people are facing. [ ] Defininately visit Palestine and Ramallah is the place to stay” 

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Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman

“What I have experience here in Palestine, it’s something that I believe everyone must see in order to realize what is truly going on because some of it has been censored from us and we don’t have the true picture of what is happening to the people over here.”     

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Kali Mackur

Pal Trek Alumni
Yale Law School

“As an american my political landscape has serious implications for the region and I wanted to become more aware of the issues that were involved, I wanted to meet with people, and just become more aware of what was happening in Palestine. I am incredible greatful to be able to to learn about what is going on here on the ground” 

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