Our Partners


As a leading non-governmental Palestinian development organization, Taawon strives to make a distinguished contribution toward furthering the progress of Palestinians, preserving their heritage and identity, supporting their living culture and building civil society. It aims to achieve these goals by methodically identifying the Palestinian people’s needs and priorities and establishing the soundest mechanisms to maximize the benefits from the available funding resources.

Our Sponsors

Bank of Palestine

Bank of Palestine was established in 1960 with the view of promoting financial services in Palestine, financing projects and fulfilling the financial and banking needs of the different economic and social segments of the Palestinian society.

United Palestinian Appeal

United Palestinian Appeal seeks to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, and to contribute to the long-term socioeconomic and cultural development of Palestinian society.

Support Future Delegations

The Educational and Cultural Exchange Mission could not exist without the generous contribution of its multiple individual donors and the support of our partners and sponsors. All contributions, no matter how big or small, help coordinate cultural and educational trips, creating a life-changing experience for participants. Ultimately, educating thousands of Americans on the Palestinian rich culture and resilience. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution.